About Us

We deliver cost-effective high-quality on-site traffic control experts and training services. We do it by focusing on the precise requirements to deliver the best solutions for any size a project. Our highly proficient and experienced worksite traffic safety personnel will keep your people and project safe.

Our focus is on providing solutions that will create and maintain a safe and effective flow of people and vehicles throughout a work site. We work closely with utility companies, utility subcontractors, road construction firms, telecommunications companies, vegetation management companies, municipalities, and departments of transportation (DOT) to ensure a safe work environment for everyone.

For Power Traffic Control “SAFETY” is job one. Our commitment to work zone safety makes us ideal for your construction and road projects. Your workers are out there doing their best to improve our countries infrastructure deserve a safe work environment. That is why we put highly-trained professional solutions in place for our clients. We also love this community and want to help the pedestrians, as well as the commuters and families on our roads, to get where they are going safely.

We are certified through and members of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). Our Traffic Control Solutions protect your workforce, the public and help keep your project on track. We do that by planning and preparing the work zone from the start.  Our solutions include setting up, managing, monitoring, and tearing down fro each job site. By planning ahead we ensure that a safe and economical traffic pattern is achieved.  

Our customers benefit from:

  • Efficient traffic flow 
  • Safe and effective work zones
  • Cost-effective project completion
  • Traffic flow stability
  • Expert knowledge of specific requirements on a variety of projects
  • Our deep knowledge of the state standards for traffic control 
  • Quick response to emergency situations