TMA: Truck-Mounted Attenuator

WHAT IS A TMA TRUCK? TMA stands for Truck Mounted Attenuator.  An attenuator is the kinetic absorption device that absorbs impact when hit.  In simple terms, it’s a crash cushion that is mounted to the rear of a safety truck.  This cushion is specially engineered to absorb impact when hit, which protects the crew working in front of the truck and reduces the force applied to the driver of the impact vehicle.



Direct traffic safely with trailered Arrow Boards. They provide advanced warning traffic control and give commuters and other traffic a heads up so they can merge early and smooth out the traffic flow. These are portable,  easy to deploy trailered Arrow Boards that can be towed by a truck and can be locked and stationed where needed. Ideal for guiding, the arrow boards can be used to navigate vehicles through work zones or congested areas or be leveraged to give warning of lane closures.


Portable and easy to deploy, Truck-Mounted Arrow Boards can be displayed for directional guidance in work zones or congested areas to direct traffic safely. Truck-Mounted Arrow Boards are advance warning traffic control devices. They are easy to deploy and place in any direction on the truck. They are made ideally to be displayed for directional guidance to direct traffic in work zones or congested areas.


Nighttime Lighting for work zones allows you to extend the shorter days of winter and keep your workers safe. Nighttime lighting also can help keep you on schedule and maximize your profits. We will help you by supplying the nighttime lighting that is best for the work you are doing. Contact us to plan the right nighttime lighting solution for your job.